Thursday, July 18, 2013

I think I will use this blog as an outlet for my general ridiculousness and borderline shitty comedic material. You are probably wondering "Why is this kid's alias 'shamu'?" Even if you weren't wondering that, let's pretend that you were so that I can continue this delusion. My friends from college said that I looked like the director M. Night Shyamalan. Look, just because we are both South Indian, doesn't mean that we look alike. Who am I kidding...of course it does. So yeah...Shyamalan--->shamu. Now that you know what I consider to be the most important aspect of me, let's start this blog. This will be my first post! #omg #firstpoststatus #ihatemyself

Welcome to the first edition of "Mismatched YouTube Comments". This comment is on a video of an interview Craig Ferguson conducted with the incredibly fit Israeli actress Alona Tal. The user's name is "killingspree" and his/her profile picture appears to be of the possessed girl in The Exorcist.

He/she comments "wow she has a perfect body". This is not what I would expect from "killingspree". I think some elucidation might make the comment more apropos. For example, the modified comment "wow she has a perfect body...for an evil spirit to possess it! She can cause general destruction and chaos in the earthly realm and look good doing it! Yum!" would be a better fit for the username and picture.

C'mon "killingspree". Live up to your name and profile picture! Well, not in real life,...but with respect to YouTube comments. We don't want you to actually go on a killing spree. That would be terrible. Okay...this just became really dark. This concludes the first edition of "Mismatched YouTube Comments".

Feel free to subscribe to my blog...or not. Either way I am going to end up in fetal position on the bathroom floor crying (I can't differentiate between joy and disappointment). True story. When I got into medical school, I was in fetal position on the bathroom floor at work crying. I have the same physical reaction to good news and bad news. I am weird. 

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